Friday 11 December 2009

Revisiting "1947- Earth" (1999) Album !

Controversial Favorite Deepa Mehta brought the very famous novel " Cracking India" on to the celluloid screen and named it Earth.She collaborated for the very first time with the sensational musician A R Rahman for her first among all her trilogy films( Earth, Fire and Water) in 1999 during which, the musician was completely loaded with his southern assignments. Deepa ,who generally leans towards the "Art" genre of film making, tried to stuff in some commercial aspects by roping in the multi talented Aamir Khan in the lead role. Nandita Das and Rahul Khanna joins him in this triangular love story set alongside the communal riots of 1947 as the backdrop. Though the plot seemed exciting, the fate of the film did'nt ring any bells at the box office.

However, the main USP and thankfully though, lies in the Music by the ace musician. The music album sales should be more than enough to cover the small budget of the movie...(though i dont know whether it happened in reality!) . The music so very married to the story that you cannot separate the two in any ways.

ARR has cleverly interlaced the "bang-on" composition according to the film's genre. Though i haven't seen the movie, i believe, sadly, as in all Deepa Mehta's films, many of the songs doesn't get picturised in its full length ,even in this movie . However, the background score would make his fans and fanatics yearn for more. It lingers in the ears leaving us to struggle to come out of the hangover.

Banno Raani ---- Sadhana Sargam

Excellent choice of the singer, fantastic lyrics, splendid rendition, makes this song an unforgettable number of ARR which deserved more than what it got! It makes you unconciously happy without even bothering about what mood you are in. A great Sadhana Sargam - A R Rahman collaboration

Ruth Aagayi Re --- Sukhwinder Singh, Chorus

Rahman brings in a out and out commercial song in this arty film, roping his most favourite Sukhwinder Singh to do the honours. Ganga, Febi Mani, Kanchana...etc form the core part of the chorus.Unarguably one of the most successful songs of this album and a massive commercial hit. ARR- Sukhi magic is seen all over and the effect is as magical as ever.

Dheemi Dheemi ---- Hariharan

My personal pick of the album..!!! How Velvette' is Hariharan's voice? This song is the perfect answer.!! The instruments used in this song just make you feel you are in paradise.! And the Whistling part, i am sure, comes from the magical mouth of AR Rahman (Remember what he did in "Thoda Thoda" interludes..??) I just love the chirping birds and hummings in between. A blissful melody before going to bed!!!

Ishwar Allah ---------- Anuradha Sriram, Sujatha

The "Ishq Bina" and "Achham Illai" duo Sujatha and Anuradha return back in this song which talks about stoping hatredness among mankind. This time both the female singers sing in perfect sync throughout the song unlike "Ishq Bina.."! I really admire the brains of ARR for blending these two awesome voices in sync..!!! "Kadam Kadam Par Sarhad Kyun Hain....Sari Zameen Jho Teri Hain...." Hands down to the lyricist..!!

Raat Ki Daldal Hain -------- Sukhwinder Singh

For those who think, ARR offers only fast upbeat songs to Sukhwinder Singh, here is a welcome change. A tear jerking patho song makes you ooze out tonnes of tears if you are emotional enough.! The background drum beats, the unseemingly high pitches makes you shiver and wonder how on earth he can compose such tunes..!! Full marks to Sukhi again for his mindblowing rendition.

Yeh Jo Zindagi Hain --------- Srinivas, Sujatha Trivedi (Sukhwinder Singh in another version)

Unarguably one of the most neglected songs of ARR. This song is most favourite to very few people and absolutely unknown to many of the others. Srinivas, though sounds very southie, brings in a soothness in his initial lines. The chorus part is beautiful. But according to me, the most brightest and punching part comes from Sujatha Trivedi's lines.! "Saanse Uljhe Dhadke Yeh Dil...Jaane Kaisi Meri Mushquil....Hogiiiiiiiiii Asaaaaaaaaan.." lines are an absolute treat to listen to! The other version which retains the male singer and replaces the female with Sukhwinder Singh is equally melodious and impactful

Theme Music and Piano Music

What is an ARR album without his signature instrumental pieces.?! Call it Awesome, Stupendous, Spectacular, Marvelous......all praising adjectives fall complete flat to describe the feel these two instrumental pieces brings in..!! An absolute delight!

So guys.........after a lengthy essay about the songs, i would definitely like to push all of you, who think "1947 Earth" music is not to be preferred, to re listen to the songs to get haunted and mesmerized to yet another gem written by the Gem of a person Mr A R Rahman!!!

Thanks Arvind


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