Friday 11 December 2009

Revisiting "IRUVAR" (1997)- A Musical Masterpiece!

"Iruvar (The Duo) " - the very name strikes an alarm among all the Rahmaniacs and Mani Ratnam's admirers..!! This film can be grouped to the number "two" in many ways...

Mani Ratnam - Santhosh Sivan
A R Rahman - Vairamuthu
M.G. Ramachandran - M. Karunanidhi ( On whom the story was based upon)
Mohanlal - Prakash Raj
Aishwarya Rai - Tabu
Revathy - Gouthami

Anybody seen the promos of this movie when it went on floors?? It was the most magical announcement by a lady, who more or less spoke the above names in pair. I should strongly say that this movie enjoys enormous fan following among the Tamils in the world even to this day.The soundtrack of this movie by the maestro are in much demand . Both Aishwarya Rai and Tabu made their debuts in this movie. But this was Tabu's Tamil Debut.
Having said this, i am deeply saddened by the fact that ARR didnt get any kind of awards or recognition for his brilliant and much sophisticated work which haunts the listener even today and many more years to come.! I think i am right here..! Correct me if i am wrong,! Has he fetched any award for this magical audio tracks and even more supreme BGMs.?

Kannai Katti --- Hariharan , Chorus

A Huge change in the usually "till then" sober mood singer Hariharan's voice. He has gone wide open with his voice in this song. The chorus form a very integral part in this song's stupendous success. I believe it would be the toughest job for ARR to compose to such an opening song which should make audience feel that they are seeing the great MGR on the celluloid. A very nice mix of melody and peppyness by the maestro which can make any music lover tap their feet and hands. Particularly, "Thozha Thozha....lalalallalalaalalaaaa..." lines make everybody shake their bodies...:)

Aayirathil Naan Oruvan --- Mano , Chorus

Another differently sounding popular singer Mano makes a great attempt in this visually perfect MGR influenced song.! One yearns for more Mano - ARR combo which is dead these days after listening to this song. A great instrumentation and a great dancing skills shown by the debutant Aishwarya Rai. Great picturisation, great lyrics, even more greater composition and song rendition makes this song an anthem of sorts for both the classes and masses. Relish yourselves by the chirpy female chorus singing "kukukuku..." as Mano delivers second charanam...!! ARR has this inborn knack of mesmerising all sorts of people which keeps him stay where he is today. Best example is "Aayirathil Naan Oruvan".

Vennila Vennila --- Asha Bhonsle

Haven't captured the Tajmahal during the early dawn and dusk? This song will give you that pleasure visually. Aesthetically shot by the ace cinematographer Santhosh Sivan. I bet nobody has brought the Tajmahal to the viewers, the way Santhosh brings in this seductive song! The legendary bollywood singer Asha Bhonsle comes back to Tamil soundtrack after a huge gap (Previously sung for Ilayaraja sir in 1980's). Not withstanding her Tamil diction, she oozes with oomph through her voice and emotions are high running.And what to say about ARR. The saxophone he belts out makes u float in the musical heaven. Strictly recommended for the bed time listeners.

Narumughaiye Narumughaiye --- Unni Krishnan, Bombay Jayashree

This song appears as though ARR has created a gem out of "Nattai" Raagam of Carntic Classical.!! What an impact it brings out is to be only expressed rather mouthed by words..!! Roping in the two classical giants, Unni Krishnan and Bombay Jayashree, who until then wasnt ready for cine songs, ARR gives a royal launch to both the singers, even though Unni was launched earlier by himself. The initial Mridangams, the flutes, the Veenas....all form a perfect unison to please the listeners. Only thing that amuses me is ARR has never looked upon Bombay Jayashree after this song, though she's doing great stuffs for other MDs.

Hello Mr. Edirkatchi ----- Harini, Rajagopal

Yet another launchpad of ARR, Harini goes bold and beautiful after her mighty classical "Nila Kaagiradhu". Its though a complete contrasting genre for her, she wins hands down in this as well. Her huskiness to the song elevates the mood of the song! This is Ash's very first song onscreen and ARR makes no stone unturned in belting out this jazzy- groovy song. Piano works of ARR are Fantabulous to say the least..!! Rajgopal does his bit in the interludes and keep up the rythm going..!

Pookodiyin Punnaghai ------ Sandhya

One of the most unheard and under rated songs of ARR is all can i say about this song. Worst !Many dont even know the existance of this song. Its actually one of the most sooothing melodies of ARR till date.! The newbie Sandhya sounds very much strikingly similar to the yesteryear legend P Susheela ji.! Many talk that she's a close relative of the legend as well. ARR has chosen her to bring those 1970's effects with some haunting flute pieces spread across the entire song. Also, sadly, this is the first and last song of Sandhya for ARR till date.! An absolute soother for all tensed emotional booster!!

Udal Mannukku ---- Arvind Swamy

While Mohanlal walks away with all the songs, leaving Prakash Raj with nothing left, the thespian Vairamuthu and the legend ARR comes to his rescue with this awe inspiring poetry recital from the voice of Mani Ratnam's then muse Arvind Swamy. The beating drums in the background of this poetry recital gets you goose pimples. Arvind Swamy's strong, spirited voice makes a majestical impression.

Unnodu Naan Irunda ---- Arvind Swamy

The same trio ARR-Vairamuthu- Arvind Swamy resurface once again, but this time with a romantic poetry recital. These are the words which Prakash Raj recites to Tabu after being captivated by her innocence and interest in literature. Again a top notch work.!

And finally, about the BGMs. What word can best describe the enigmatic, enchanting score delivered by the thespian? I just dont have words!!!! Experience it and feel it..!! Thats it!! :)


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