Friday 11 December 2009

Revisiting "Kandukonden Kandukonden"(2000) Album

Rajeev Menon - A R Rahman - Kalaipuli S Dhanu -Vairamuthu - Mammotty - Ajith - Aishwarya Rai - Tabu - K J Yesudas - Chitra - Sadhana Sargam -Hariharan - Shankar Mahadevan .....

The above mentioned names are certainly "Bell Ringing" enough..!! Easily one of the best team, a movie could boast of..!!Kandukondein Kandukondein (KK) made it big at the headlines ,both pre release and post release ,mainly because of its team and also the subject. It was well received not just in south india, but all across the country with the help of English subtitles of the dialogues for the non-tamil audiences..!! Thankfully, it was not dubbed in Hindi..!

Set in the rural backdrop in its first half and later transition to the city, KK makes a decent attempt in showing the journey of a family led by all females..!! Tabu and Aishwarya Rai both look extremely beautiful and naive even though they don't belong to this part of the world..!! What to say about ARR..??? Its his forte'...he has just jumped into this sea and swam to emerge as an ultimate winner..!!! What's more..? he even made a brief appearance as himself receiving an award on the screen much to the delight of Rahmaniacs! This goes on to show the most cordial relationship shared by the director and the whizkid!

I believe this film showcaused the more humility side of Rahman and lyricist Vairamuthu, coz they both have paid their heart-felt tributes to the legendary poet Bharathiyaar. Incidently both Abbas and Aishwarya Rai portray the roles of huge Bharathiyaar fans in the movie. ARR has given a new life with pounds of flesh and bones to the thespian's poetry in his own style not altering even a tinge of soul from the original.

Yenna Solla Poghirai --- Shankar Mahadevan

A song which is adored in equal proportions by both the masses and the classes..!!! This song doesn't need anyone to listen infinite times to love it...just one hear and you will be immersed in this sea of joy.! A Spot ON selection of singer: Shankar ji..!!His high pitch emotional saga pours in so much of pleasure to the ears.!!A highly deserving national award for this song was the least he could have got. A perfect location of Egypt with pyramid backdrop creates a perfect mood..! The actors Tabu and Ajith sizzle the screen and emote very well. The composition by ARR and lyrics are above par excellence..!!

Smiyai Yaay --- Devan , Dominique Cerejo

Another song picturised on Ajith and Tabu...this time along with Pooja Batra. A very peppy song that suites perfectly to Devan. But unfortunately, didnt go too well with the listeners. Dominque Cerejo makes a very minute humming here and there. But I like this song personally, its a nice fast paced rhythmic track.!! The lines "Padhinaaril Poovanen...padhnezhil thenaanen...inda vakkumoolam edharkku..." are high on the rhythmes. The interlude which makes Dominique compete with the high speed saxophone is so very nice.Devan, unfortunately, never had such a big song after this till date.

Kandukonden Kandukonden -- Hariharan, Mahalaxmi Iyer

The two husky voiced singers unite here and create an audical magic and propel the already extra-ordinary composition to even more heights. It seems as though , knowing Hariharan, who's famous for his on-spot modulations of the lines, as her co-singer, Mahalaxmi tries to compete with him with her various styles of the two words."Kandukonden Kandukonden"..!!! The compostion is highly stupendous and haunting! Both Abbas and Aishwarya look gorgeous in the lovely locales shot by Rajeev Menon. A perfect lovey dovey song by ARR..

Suttum Vizhi Choodarthaan -- Hariharan

Many poeple, who were rigid and firm minded that rejuvenation of the greatest old poetries are a taboo, turned topsy-turvy when ARR came up with this short piece of the greatest poet Bharathiyaar's poetry!! ARR silenced all the critics and nobody raised any sorts of questions when his version came out soo mindblowingly from the voice of Hariharan. It seems as though the number is tailor made for Hariharan. His voice coupled with the tune re-formation will take the biggest credits for the success of this song.! A masterpiece adaptation by ARR..!!!

Konjum Mainakkale --- Sadhana Sargam

A typical heroine introduction song, any actress can dream of..!! Aishwarya is double lucky to have got such songs in her career.(AlsoBarso Re Megha..later in Guru!!) . Sadhana Sargam comes out with flying colors with her flawless tamil dictions this time and accurate rendition. Mindblowing picturisation and awesome cinematography provides the visual pleasures and makes this song sound double sweet. Rahman, just so casually belts out this melody..!!

Engae Enadhu Kavithai --- Chitra , Srinivas

Yet another pathos melody by the maestro..!! Chitra belts out this number oozing out her emotions of a broken love affair. Srinivas forms an integral part of the chorus. Hats off to Rahman and Chitra together for making this song soo very beautiful even though it has strong shades of tragedy . Only Chitra could have done full justice to this song. Her second stanza(charanam) is soo mesmerising when she goes an all time high in "kekkudheeee......".No wonder why she is the "Chinna Kuyil" of India.!

Kannamoochhi Enada -- Chitra (Solo) / K J Yesudas , Chitra (Duet)

This is my personal pick of the album.! One of the most memorable song in my lifetime.! This song gets the best of the best treatment in all the areas..!! While Chitra's solo version is like a honey treat to the listeners, the duet version with the legendary Yesudas is like enjoying music at its best..!! Based on a carnatic raagam, the tune makes a lullaby for your sleep too..!! Both Chitra and Yesudas, being the thespians in filmi classicals, enthrall effortlessly..!!

The BGM's of this movie also need a special mention, because it blends the classical and pop style in a very efficient way. Particularly, the Nithyashree Mahadevan's swara recitals in the scene where Aishwarya goes for classical trainings..!!! These wonderful BGMs are now adding great splendor to even reality talent shows of TV like "Idea Star Singer"

In all...KK music album is musicians' and music lover's delight and pride...!!! ARR should have been bestowed upon all the available awards of the entire world for this album alone...

Thanks to Arvind


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