Saturday 6 February 2010

50 Interesting Facts On A R Rahman

1. Nine-year-old Dileep Kumar slept late, played carrom and hated waking up at 7 a.m to practice at the piano!

2. Asked to leave school due to lack of attendance, he quit studies at the age of 15.

3. When Rahman’s sister fell seriously ill in 1988, Pir Qadri, who cured her, advised the family to convert to Islam and they did!

4. Dileep had a choice of seven names during his conversion. He chose Allah Rakha Rahman.

5. Call it a filmi coincidence, his name was Dileep Kumar before he converted to Islam and his wife’s name is Saira Banu!

6. His is often called as ‘Isai Puyal’

7. A true believer, he offers namaaz five times a day.

8. Rahman eats just for his hunger. Takes on any food he gets in his house. His stomach gets filled for even ‘Rasam Rice’.

9. Rahman adds lots of sugar in his cup of coffee. The ratio is 1/4 of the size of the cup. People are amazed when they share a cup in his house..

10. His mother spotted Saira at a dargah and sent a marriage proposal right away!

11. Saira Banu is the sister-in-law of Tamil actor Rahman and the daughter of a Chennai-based businessman from Kutch.

12. Rahman lives in a small two-storey bungalow in Kodambakkam.

13. He has three kids Khatija, Rahima , and son Ameen.

14. Rahman love games next to music. His gaming companions are Kathija,Rahima and Ameen.

15. Rahman shows exceptional love towards his sisters Raihanna, Fatima and Israt.

16. Rahman has no nick names. All the family members including sisters and his mom call him ‘Rahman’ with full fledged love and affection

17. Rahman doesnt go to any kind of Recreation places like Theatres and Parties. When he gets free time he just spends it with his family.

18. During important film festivals Rahman is conscious about his wardrobe. His wife Saira decides about his dresses. He is mostly dressed in black.

19. Rahman has 0% affinity towards gold jewellery. Slim Platinum ring is what he wears at times. He doesnt wear a watch in his hand.

20. Rahman loves to shop for music records at the Virgin Records store in New York. Once he landed in NY at 2 a.m and dashed off to the store.

21. In Chennai, Rahman takes his family and friends to a Thai joint located behind The Park Sheraton.

22. Rahman goes to Hyderabad and Nagoor Dhargas with his family atleast once in 6 months.

23. Rahman went to Hajj yaatra two times in his life with his mom.

24. Rahman's long-time associate drummer Shivamani once cooked fish curry for him in London while he was
working on Bombay Dreams. Rahman loved it. He's a non-veg but has suddenly stopped eating prawns.

25. Swamidurai, fondly called as Swami, has been with him since the begining of his career.

26. As a bachelor, he often uses the abbreviation LFA, which stood for ‘Love Failures Association’!

27. Rahman usually sees his children off to school before he sleeps after working nights!

28. He does not let his wife or children inside the studio when he’s working.

29. When theres a holiday for his children Rahman goes abroad. But with full musical works with him.

30. Khatija doesn’t like her dad signing autographs in school and has asked him not to come there.

31. Rahman’s son shares his birthday with him.

32. Rahman doesnt celebrate his birthday in a grandeur way. Early morning prayers, orphanage visits are the activities he do on that day peacefully.

33. He has lot of interests towards Social service. He loves doing that without any kind of fame

34. Every time rahman comes out of his house he recollects his father ‘Shekar' from his memory and then
leaves.This is a sign of respect he shows to his father and mother. He treats them next to GOD.

35. The old keyboard that he used to play as a teenager is still displayed in his studio.

36. A master with instruments, he likes dismantling parts and assembling them.

37. A good mimic, he loves to imitate lyricist Vairamuthu, who in turn mimics Rahman’s style of walking!

38. Penguin Publishers” released the first biography of A.R.Rahman. But due to many reasons Rahman dint
accept that as his Biography. He refused to accept that.

39. Loves to listen M.G.R and Shivaji’s songs. At times he also sings those songs in his house which closely related people only are aware.

40. During the composition of a film Rahman sings “Pudhiya vaanam Pudhiya bhoomi engum pani mazhai
pozhigiradhu” loudy which indicates that all the works related to him is done.

41. Maniratnam is the only person who can meet Rahman at any time of his choice. Rahman shows more affection to the person who introduced him than anyone.

42. He talks very less. But to the close friends circle Rahman just loves to talk and laugh. “Music is the tool through which he keeps on speaking.”

43. Rahman doesnt have a big friends circle. He was very sad when his close friend and singer Shahul Hameed passed away.

44. Rahman usually works in the night but he’s made an exception for SP Balasubramaniam whose songs have all been recorded before 10 pm.

45. He likes listening to songs based on the raaga Sindhu Bhairavi.

46. .Rahman likes all the kinds of music. He congratulates the other music directors whole heartedly for their song which he liked the most when he gets a chance of seeing them.

47. When Subhash Ghai once told Rahman during the music of Taal that he would once win an Oscar, Rahman laughed aloud and replied that he could not.

48. Jai Ho was initially composed for Yuvvraaj!

49. Recent album “Couples Retreat” bagged more than 100 million dollars. Even there is a tamil song in that
blockbuster hit.

50. Rahman is the only Indian to be featured in ‘List of best-selling music artists of the world’

These articles was published in Times of India and Anantha Vikatan


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