Thursday 22 April 2010

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya | 73 Voiceless BGM

2.Karthik & Jessy Introduction
3.Kathik Sees Jessy
4.Karthik Falls For Jessy
5.Hosanna Movie Version
6.Director Happy About Karthik's Love
7.Karthik Admires Jessy
8.Jessy At Karthik's House
9.Karthik Talks To Jessy
10.KFC ingethaan iruku. Yenakum Rombe Pudikum
11.Karthik Admires Jessy Secretly
12.I Dont Wanna Be Ya Brother Jessy
13. Im In Love With U Jessy
14.This Is Jessy
15. Sir..Sorrynu Ketka Vantha..Vithukku Sapade Kupudrange Sir.
16.Jessy Feels Shy
17.Kalichodu Kalicho
18.Hosanna Humming
19.Lets Be Friends
20.What Makes You To Like Me
21.Leaving To Hometown & Omana Penne
22.Jessy Is Driving Me Crazy
23.No One Can Stop Me From Living With You
24.Both Meet Again
25.Omana Penne Bit
26.Jessy Driving Me Crazy II
27.You're The First One Whu Kissed Me
28.Bike Ride
29.Talking Happily Leads To Fight
30. I Cant Stop Loving U For Your Father's Sake
31.Jessy Gets Angry
32.Kannukul Kannai Movie Version
33.I Get Only At Times
34.Im A Boxer
35.Karthik Meets Jessy After A Fight With Jessy's Brother
36.Did You Expect Me To Lick His Legs.
37.Jessy Tells Karthik About Her Wedding
38.Jessy Stops Wedding
39.Jessy Neglected Dads Request
40.Jessy Walked Away
41.Karthik Gets Happy
42.Jessy Leaves Church
43.Jessy's Brother Stops The Bus
44.Karthik Fights
45.Director Advises
46. Aaromale Female
47. Maanipaaya Movie Version
48.Jessy And Karthik In Private
49. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya Song
50. Hosanna Humming
51.No Sms.No Calls
52.Karthik At Goa
53.Jessy Thinks Of Karthik
54.Karthik Calls Jessy
55.Call For Jessy
56.Need Permission From Director
57.Karthik Leaves To Meet Jessy
58.Jessy Is Driving Me Crazy
59.Karthik At Jessys Place
60.Karthik Brings Jessy Downstairs
61.Karthik Gets Angry
62.Karthik Leaves To Home
63.Karthik Waits To Meet Jessy
64. Aaromale Song
65.Hosanna Humming II
66.Karthik Plans For Movie
67.Karthik Meets Jessy At Shooting Spot
68.Karthik talks To Jessy About The Movie
69. Anbil Avaan Song
70. Movie By Karthik Finishes
71.Maanipaaya Tune
72.Jessy Been Driving Me Crazy
73.Hosanna Short Version

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