Wednesday 29 September 2010

Making of Maiya Yashoda - JHS

The music of John Abraham-Pakhi starrer Jhootha Hi Sahi is making noise for all the right reasons. The music by A.R.Rahman has been extremely well received, appreciated and is continuing to rule charts. As pointed out in our music review for the film (read here), this is movie music at its best. So, if you don't, have your copy yet, go grab one already!

Further, as we emphasize in our music reviews, we believe that having great music is stating an obvious fact, but apt picturization and fitting the song correctly into the plot adds brownie points to the film's appeal. So true to our being aficionados of audio and visuals alike, we were thrilled to check out the making of the song 'Maiya Yashoda' with the cast and the crew having a fab time.

The song choreographed by director/choreographer Ahmed Khan (Paathshala, Bachna Ae Haseeno), has the cast John, Pakhi, Raghu, Omar, Manasi dressed in traditional attire to match the songs theme. The song is a fun flirtatious duet between young girls who would complain to Lord Krishna's maiya (mother) Yashoda, because he would break their earthern pots and steal buttermilk, but he in turn would try to charm them.

As London is the main location for the film, Ahmed has an ensemble of dancers, to add the dash of authenticity. Most importantly, our hearts and huge applause goes out to John, who didn’t stall the shooting despite being down with fever but rather continued with double enthusiasm and energy.

Check out this behind the scenes look!


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