Friday 31 December 2010

Rahman to face tough competition at Oscars

Amit Trivedi ...and the Golden Globe goes to....and the Oscar goes to....wait! There is still time to announce the winners.

Just a few weeks ago, A.R Rahman tweeted about his Golden Globe nominations for his film 127 Hours under the Best Original Score category. Then a few days later an article gets published about his soundtrack 'If I Rise' with Dido from the film 127 Hours stating that the song is shortlisted in the Best Original Song category at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.

So if you think that A.R Rahman is going to get an easy way out this time around too, you're mistaken. 'The Mozart of Madras' is facing his toughest competition till date at the Golden Globes this year and surely to face the same at this years Academy Awards too.

The competitors are fierce, strong headed and acclaimed for their original score in films like Inception and The Social Network. They are Hans Zimmer and the duo Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Add A.R Rahman to the list and you can see how tough the final decision will be.

The only thing that can go in the maestro's favour is that his film 127 Hours is still not released theatrically in India. So when Inception came, the whole country went ga-ga about Zimmer and his drones. A month ago when The Social Network released, the nation went ballistic at the way the duo music composers from Nine Inch Nails went about to score their film with a mix of eccentric and electronic sounds. The question everyone is asking now is, 'What will the reaction be when India watches 127 Hours in theatres?'

'Will Inception and The Social Network take a back seat?'

So without being biased, we ask the newest of music maestro, Amit Trivedi for his feedback on his idol, mentor and inspiration, A.R. Rahman. Don't be surprised if you get a biased answer.

Amit quotes, "A.R Rahman has been my inspiration and will always be. But I am not being biased here. I have seen Inception and The Social Network and have heard its OST. I still have to see 127 Hours"

He adds, "I have heard the OST of 127 Hours and let me tell you, there is something magical about 127 Hours. There is strong competition for A.R Rahman this time because the new guys, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have 'nailed it' with their score. It's a never before heard score which they've come up with. I personally enjoyed The Social Network music. In my opinion, even Hans Zimmer's Inception is a near favourite. But one thing is for sure; I hope and pray that A.R Rahman wins either an OSCAR, BAFTA or a GOLDEN GLOBE this year"

...and who do you think the winner is?


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