Friday 14 January 2011

A.R. Rahman Going The Animation Way

January 13, 2011: A.R.Rahman is enjoying the break he has taken from composing music for films but the man can never completely shun making it even during the off-time. So Rahman is still squeezing in some works of composing music here and there and is in talk to do full length music for an animation feature.

Dream Works, one of the leading producers of animation features in Hollywood is said to have signed in the Mozart of Madras for their planned full-length animation feature called the Monkeys of Bollywood. The story is said to be narrated in the typical Bollywood style featuring two monkeys. There will be fight sequences too, where those tow animated monkeys will get into head-on war with an ancient demon.

For the flick has roped in the three time Academy Award winner Stephen Schwartz too, the man has been responsible for penning the award winning lyrics of 2007 film Enchanted. The Broadway lyricist told that he is quite excited to work in this project and is looking forward to work with A. R. Rahman.

Rahman recently returned from Madheena, a vow he made when his daughter was ill but no confirmation from his side has come about him being part of this upcoming project. So if the buzz is true, it seems like A.R. Rahman is happy to leave live action flicks for now and make music for monkeys. On the other hand, the Oscar winning composer did say that the music of Rockstar is almost complete and it sounding pretty good. The film stars Ranbir Kapoor and is directed by Imtiaz Ali.

–Sampurn Wire


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